Why We Shoot at Golden Hour

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We generally start our portrait shoots about two hours before sunset, and finish just as the sun disappears. This isn’t because it’s the most convenient time of the day to shoot, but more because it’s the most beautiful. This is called “Golden Hour”.

While a park may be pretty at noon, there is a gorgeous warmth and glow that comes with the last few hours of sun light. This makes tree leaves look magical, tall grass look whimsical, and gives a flattering glow to the subjects. It also eliminates most harsh shadows you get when the sun is high in the sky. The image above from this cousins shoot and the image below from this beach family shoot are great examples of the soft glow golden hour can bring.

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Another benefit of shooting at this time is lens flare. Each lens flare is unique, all depending on the season, time of day, what lens you’re using, what camera you have, etc. So each little lens flare in your session is just anther element that makes your photos more original! The images below from Kari and Jaime’s engagement shoot and Lindsay and Jon’s engagement shoot show off some gorgeous rainbow lens flare!

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A setting sun also brings photos to life. A passionate kiss is made even more magical when it’s highlighted by golden sun rays. You can see below with Rechelda and Craig, Melissa and Garcel and Pat and Jen, how golden hour made these engagement shoot embraces even more romantic!

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The sun is such a gorgeous and organic element that we can use to make stunning memories… we’re excited to be able to use it to enhance every portrait session we can!

If you’d like to schedule a portrait shoot with us, or just want more details, shoot us an e-mail!

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