Ginger & Cali’s Foggy Morning Session

Los Angeles family photographypinimage

Getting up at the crack of dawn is worth it when you have this kind of foggy, mystical morning. This gorgeous, blond-haired duo played, tickled and explored as they walked through a blanket of clouds. Always having fun and loving each other’s company, the two wandered the grounds wrapped up in a handmade quilt, stitched together with love by Ginger’s grandma.

mother and daughter running and laughingpinimagepinimagepinimagemother and daughter photo shootpinimagepinimageSouthern California family photographypinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagea morning mother daughter photo sessionpinimagea colorful quilt in a mother daughter photo sessionpinimagepinimagepinimageLos Angeles family photographypinimagepinimage

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