An Engagement Shoot at the Hollywood Sign

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When people see the Hollywood Sign, they think of wonderful possibilities, adventure and dreams. Not only does the simple sign inspire all of the artists that live and work right here in Hollywood, but I think it’s great symbolism for marriage as well! Helen and Patrick, actors themselves, agreed.

This is a very unique shoot in many ways. One, standing next to the Hollywood Sign is something that few people will ever get to do (because of the crazy security surrounding it) so not only was this a cool opportunity for Helen and Patrick, but Justin and I were psyched as well! Two, just getting to the sign in one piece had its own challenges, including doing it all legally. There are multiple permit offices we needed to go through to even be eligible to shoot at this historical landmark. And even with everything on the up and up, permits in place, and a parks office guide with us, police helicopters still came and told us to “get away from the L” (on both the scouting trip and the actual shoot) or we would be arrested.  (Both times, they were eventually notified that we were okay to be there.)

Also, this shoot is not for the faint of heart! Getting down to the sign is no easy task. It’s incredibly steep, and easy to get a lot of dirt on you (I had to scoot down on my butt… ), so we gave Helen and Patrick what looked like hazmat suits, and tied a rope to the top of the hill to guide us down. Once you get to the sign, though, it’s totally worth it! You have a gorgeous view of the city, all while being one of the few to stand next to a sign that’s been a symbol of Hollywood — recognized all over the world — for 90 years (it was put up in 1923). Very cool.

The second part of our shoot was done at the large plateau below the Hollywood Sign. Helen and Patrick were dressed very Old Hollywood Glam, and Patrick even decided to shave, with the help of Helen holding the mirror, to look even more dapper. The sun was gorgeous and these two certainly brought Hollywood Glam to this large open, sun-filled spot!

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the Hollywood Signpinimagepinimagean engagement session at the Hollywood Signpinimagea view of Los Angeles from the Hollywood Signpinimagestanding under the letters at the Hollywood Signpinimagean Old Hollywood shoot at the plateau under the Hollywood Signpinimagepinimagepinimagea girl snuggles up to her stylish fiancepinimageOld Hollywood engagement sessionpinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagesunset at the Hollywood Signpinimagepinimage

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