About Us

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We are a fun, easy-going, non-intimidating husband and wife photography team in Southern California! Justin and I have been together for about 11 years (wow!), and got married in May of 2014 (we tied the knot at Saddlerock… one of our favorite venues)! We met over a decade ago in Los Angeles and photography is always something we’ve enjoyed together. I fell in love with photography in college (Abilene Christian University), and it’s been something Justin has loved ever since high school. We started Chaffin Cade Photography in 2010, and it’s been amazing!


I grew up in Michigan, right outside of Detroit. I’ve always loved being creative and have always wanted to move to L.A. After ACU (where I majored in Broadcast Journalism and specialized in Art), I packed up my silver Saturn ION and drove out to Southern California. The sunny weather, creative mindset and gorgeous landscape are just a few of the things I absolutely love about living here! And having family back in the midwest gives Justin and me a reason to visit Michigan frequently (almost always over the holidays!). If you know me, you know my guilty pleasures are chocolate, UGGs, Clint Eastwood, and The Bachelor.


Justin grew up in Chatsworth, California and is a USC grad (don’t worry UCLA fans, his dad and brother are Bruins!). He’s very smart, very funny and very handsome (I’m his wife, so I can say these things). Along with having an eye for photography, he’s great at all things technology. Whether it’s building a computer, picking out the best equipment for our business, or looking at a TV, a DVR, a blu ray player and a million cords, and knowing where everything goes… he’s basically a genius. He also loves to travel (favorite place, Munich), USC football, carrot cake, and German beer.

Together we will make you feel totally at ease and like we’ve all been friends forever! That’s something we’ve found really helps in telling your story through photos!

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