A Very Special Shoot with My Grandparents

Los Angeles Photographypinimage

When we were in Michigan over Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to do a shoot with my grandparents. While I was planning the shoot, I sat down and wrote out all of the things that pop into my mind when I think of them. Lots of things came to mind, like the hockey spoon (a spoon shaped like a hockey stick that my brother and I would fight over), my Grandma playing the piano, Gimmy down in his workshop, and all of the books Gram would read us before we went to bed. They are also two of the funniest, most loving and beautiful people I know, and I think we captured that on that day! I feel so blessed to have these photos of my Grandparents hanging out in their house, walking in the woods, and just loving being with each other! Love you Gram and Gimmy!!!

vintage children bookspinimagepinimagea black and white shot in Janepinimagevintage photographypinimageGunther in his workshoppinimagea vintage spoonpinimagesheet musicpinimagea house in fallpinimageSouthern California family photographypinimagepinimageblack and white family photographypinimagea very special shoot with my grandparentspinimageblack and white photographypinimagean elderly couple kisses while standing in the middle of treespinimagea very special photo session of my grandparentspinimageLos Angeles photographerspinimageblack and white photographypinimage

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