A Farm Wedding at Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove weddingspinimage

When you arrive at a wedding venue filled with 50-year-old-walnut trees, has two gorgeous farms on either side of it, an adorable bridal house and has the cutest, most in love couple ever… well, you know it’s going to be a fun wedding day. We loved every aspect of Jenna & Chris’ special day. Their wedding felt so personal and every item seemed so carefully picked out– from the reception decor, to the lemonade stand for the guests, to the groom’s and groomsmen’s coordinating Chucks! We felt honored to be part of this day… and when Chris surprised Jenna at the end of the night with a special song, everyone there (including us!) just about fell over because it was so sweet. Thank you, Chris & Jenna, for letting us be part of your gorgeous, fun-filled and super memorable day!

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a lace vintage wedding dresspinimagea lemonade stand at a wedding receptionpinimageWalnut Grove wedding receptionpinimagepinimagefirst looks at Walnut Grove, Moorpark, CaliforniapinimageWalnut Grove first lookspinimageshould you do first looks?pinimageWalnut Grove wedding photographypinimagewedding photos at Walnut Grove, Moorpark, Californiapinimagebridal portraits at Walnut Grovepinimagea bride, a groom and his groomsmen in Moorpark, Californiapinimagea groom and his guyspinimagea rustic wedding at Walnut Grovepinimagegetting ready at Walnut Grove, Moorpark, Californiapinimagewalking down the aisle at Walnut Grovepinimagea bride and groom at the alter at Walnut Grovepinimagebridal party portraits at a farm in Walnut Grovepinimagea bride and groom on a farm at Walnut Grovepinimagea rustic bridal bouquet on a farmpinimagepinimagea first dance at Walnut Grovepinimagefun DIY sweets signspinimagea cute little cake at Walnut Grovepinimagebridal portraits at Underwood Family Farmspinimagea bride and groom hold hands at the Underwood Family Farmspinimagea farm wedding in Moorpark, CaliforniapinimageUnderwood Family Farms, Moorpark, CaliforniapinimageMoorpark wedding photographypinimageUnderwood Family Farms weddingpinimageguests dancing at Walnut Grovepinimagean evening Walnut Grove wedding receptionpinimagepinimagegroom plays acoustic guitar for wifepinimagegroom surprises wife with acoustic guitar performance at Walnut Grovepinimagepinimagepinimage

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